We offer our clients a comprehensive range of services associated with the supply of our products. The aim is to help clients save on personnel and organisational costs and on finances. We adapt our organisation structure to the rising level of services. The following are among our traditional services:

- marketing analysis

- the design and presentation of the optimum solution

- the proposal of several design alternatives

- the production and presentation of samples

- the import and installation of products

- the storage of products

- warranty and post-warranty service


In light of the rising demands among clients for the services provided, we decided to increase the portfolio to include certain new elements. The benefit for our clients is that we can now supply them with a complete interior. This means they do not need to deal with coordinating individual subcontractors. This mainly involves the following activities:

- measuring the premises

- dealing with building permission

- selecting subcontractors

- coordinating and taking responsibility for subcontracts

- the supervision of building work

- regular inventories of the client’s property at all branches

- regular reports on the condition of interior elements

- the refurbishment and environmentally friendly disposal of products.


Properly defined and conscientiously maintained procedural workflow is a fundamental condition for the successful handling of a project so that all of the client’s expectations can be met. In most cases, this means adhering to the agreed deadline for delivery, the planned price budget and, in particular, the anticipated growth in sales for the client and therefore the return on his investment. Although the workflow can be adjusted individually according to the type and parameters of an order, a standardised, tried-and-trusted workflow can usually be recommended. The pre-production stage is of great importance, the aim of this being to come up with a perfect definition of what the client wants and wants to achieve. This stage usually involves presenting and discussing the client’s order, putting forward a number of alternative designs and 3D visualisations, describing the material and structural solution, making a calculation and producing a sample. After taking any comments into account and choosing the final version, precise production documentation is compiled and batch production launched after standardisation. We usually install products at the point of sale. We subsequently offer post-production services such as storage, servicing and, as required, the dismantling and environmentally friendly disposal of products. We have an appropriate workflow for projects that partly involve building modifications to interiors.