We plan our activities and think about the development of the company in terms of at least five years. Our vision is the engine that drives our thoughts of a dynamic approach. At the same time, it provides us stability and consistency within the context of a changing outside environment.


We endeavour to be a prominent European-style company that provides its clients with the design, development, production and installation of unique, quality products, delivered together with a full range of accompanying services.


We consistently apply a model of strategic management at the company, in which the company strategy is the starting point for sub-strategies, such as our commercial, personnel or production strategies. The objectives set out on an annual basis and our thorough analysis of how far they have been achieved provide us with fast feedback on the results of our efforts. Our company strategy has five basic points:

1. To sell clients unique products and services;

2. To maintain our position as number one on the Czech market and achieve market growth on selected markets abroad.

3. To concentrate considerable efforts on the internal effectiveness of processes and the productivity of production.

4. To ensure the high quality of our products and services.

5. To be an exemplary employer that is seen positively by its surroundings.


STORY DESIGN was established in Litomyšl in 1995, and it is here that its administrative headquarters and production premises remain to this day. We are a family-style joint-stock company involved in the design, production and installation of atypical commercial interiors and sales promotion products. We count among our long-term clients top, mostly multinational companies from various branches, such as mobile phone carriers, banks, car manufacturers, breweries and many other companies that generally run a network of branches in various countries in Europe. We are one of the leading manufacturers on the European market in our field. We are also able to provide a full range of services to accompany our products in line with our clients’ individual wishes. More than 200 employees work at the company, and it goes without saying that we adopt a fair approach to these company employees and to all commercial partners and local institutions.

Jakub Brýdl, Tomáš Brýdl, Filip Brýdl and Lukáš Brýdl


Our considerable, long-term investment in technology means that we are able to process all essential materials required for the production of the products that we design. Professional and effective technology allows us to respond flexibly to almost any of our clients’ requirements. CNC technology and precise construction software combine to guarantee low production costs and the high quality and precision of products. We mainly have technology at our disposal from four areas of production: wood production (processing laminate panels, HPL, timber), metal production (processing steel, stainless steel, aluminium), plastic production (processing acrylics, HPS and PET materials) and printing (silk-screen printing, digital printing, thermal printing). We keep a watchful eye on modern production trends, systematically maintain and develop our production know-how and apply selected principles of slimline management in production processes. This all allows us to provide clients with high-quality products at favourable prices. More…


The quality of the products and services that we supply is, combined with creativity, flexibility and effectiveness, our most significant asset, an asset that our company favours at all levels of management and which has been anchored in the company strategy for many years now. Among other things, this means that the structure and setting of almost all company processes reflect principles that guarantee top-class products, accompanied by a unique portfolio of modern and precise technology. Our well functioning quality control system guarantees that we maintain the required quality, in that any deviations in quality are regularly measured and evaluated and, above all, analysed within the bounds of ISO:9001 certification. Corrective action is then chosen and implemented so as to prevent any repeat in the future, leading to the continual improvement of products and procedures. The high quality of products and services would not be possible, of course, without the professional approach of internal and external quality control inspectors and, above all, all employees at the company, whose approach to quality shapes the company culture.


Where you can find our branches and agencies

Czech Republic

Moravská 949
570 01 Litomyšl
Czech Republic
tel: +420 461 613 313
fax: +420 461 615 957


OOO STORY DESIGN RU Doninskoe Shosse, korpus č. 3
140103 Ramenskoe (RU)
Tel.: +7 (926) 230 63 03


Bul. L. Ukrainky, 14a
01133, Kiev
tel: +380 672 360 687


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